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Welcome to the Journey!

“Be All You Can Be!” the Army recruiter once challenged me. I couldn’t help but smirk. I know the only one who can make good on that promise is Jesus. And this journey with Jesus is far more difficult than anything the Army could ever dream up. We must give all we have and then trust God to do what we cannot!

I have dedicated my life to this intellectual and spiritual journey to God. I have led small groups for over 20 years with a focus on the Journey. Now I am taking my writing to new levels with that same focus. I readily admit I have a long way to go on the Journey; however, this doesn’t worry me. I insist the important thing is that each of us is on the Journey and making progress forward each day.

I live with my wife, Fran, and my daughter, Natalie, on the edge of a cherry orchard overlooking the Yakima River in Washington State. We enjoy country life near our family and church community.


-VW Malzahn

vw malzah on the Journey

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Do you feel like you took a wrong turn somewhere? That your life is not what it was meant to be?

Most of us either cannot perceive or have forgotten that life is a journey to God, that this journey is the purpose of our lives, and that this journey will utterly transform us into children of God.

Our Forgotten Journey to God helps us rediscover the Journey! It dives into our perception of reality, so that we may perceive the Journey. It then focuses on the Journey, using many approaches to inspire and challenge us on our journey.  And finally it reveals how prayer is the very foundation of our life with God.

VW Malzahn has spent over twenty years exploring the Journey in small groups. He offers us clear insights into the Journey.

Buy Our Forgotten Journey to God today to begin the Journey you were born for!

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V-note: This book was originally released primarily for family and friends as Life More Abundant: Our Forgotten Journey to God. Since that limited release, I have decided to focus on being an indie writer. As part of that focus, I am creating an updated and improved version to be released ASAP. In the meantime, you may purchase the original version here. The Kindle edition is now on sale for $2.99!

Our Forgotten Journey to God by VW Malzahn

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Coming Later! Manly Talk, Manly Walk

A Novel of Sorts…

If we men really knew how to raise our children, especially our sons, our society would be mightily impacted for the good that God longs for us. Unfortunately, only the man thus raised typically has any clue who he is as a man and how to do this for his children. However, any man can discover who he is in Christ and thus become this man God intended him to be, and thus the father and husband God intended him to be. This is the story of such a man, Joe Amador, and his first born son, Samuel.

The stories in the “Novel of Sorts” are meant to reveal something about the man God wants us all to be. The purpose is to reveal through example—a good by hardly perfect example—what a man needs to say and do as a disciple of Christ and head of his family. The story is a novel, yet the focus remains on this revealing through example more than the storytelling conventions of novels. While it is more of a novel than the Screwtape Letter that inspired it, like the Screwtape Letters it is meant to reveal deeper things, to propose deeper and better things for men and their families.

Taking a look at the opening of the book below will give you a better idea. Of course, the entire project is a work in progress.

The Birth of Samuel

Joe took the infant into his hands, so gentle, so absorbed. The baby boy, only minutes old, entranced him, filled his whole world for the longest joyful moments. He came to his senses in time to balance his two-year-old daughter on his knee as she leaned forward too far. Joe’s mother swept up the toddler with a lecture about germs; he heard none of it. He smiled, again giving the newborn his full attention.

He had been equally taken with Rosemary, his firstborn. Of course, her heart defect had distracted him mightily those long two and a half years ago. That had been a struggle for the entire family. His princess was happy and healthy enough now, though needing to be held more than most because of her rough start in life.

This chubby baby boy squirmed with spunk and health. Even now he seemed to know he was a boy. He thought how Rosemary had gleefully leaped into a mud puddle only to lose heart upon noticing the mud on her clothing—her cheer melting into dismay. This boy wouldn’t let the mud daunt him at all; he wouldn’t even notice it! He’d be dauntless. This one would be a wild one. He was sure of it.

Joe’s eyes rose to his wife. She smiled joyfully from her bed. The rest of the room, with the vague coming and going of many, known and unknown, mysteriously grew empty and silent, save these three.

“A little you,” his wife teased.

“A better version of me,” Joe vowed. “He will know from day one who he is and who he is meant to become.”

“You think he might have something say about that?”

“Oh, Clare, I may not know the details, nor the difficulties, but I can see who he shall become. I can see it more clearly than my own face in the mirror!”

She laughed.

“You, Samuel, shall be a man after God’s own heart. Your mother and I will teach you about God and about love; you will be nurtured in our home and in our church.” Suddenly whispering so Clare cannot hear. “Then one fine day we will come for you. The brotherhood of men, the sons of God. And we shall call you out of your warm and comfortable home. We will call you to leave your mother and your home behind; we will call you to begin your ascent, from the parish door onto Jacob’s ladder. Your mother will resist, as she cannot help it. She will cling to you, though in the end she must relent, so you may become an authentic man. On that day, you will be called out for the Journey, the Journey to a genuine and godly manhood. And though we come to the doorway, though my brothers and I call you out, you will know that truly it is your Heavenly Father Who calls you out, who calls us all out. You will see our examples, our wise words, but you will recognize Jesus as your truest brother, Jesus showing the Way to Father God, Abba.”

“Hey! I heard some of that! That’s my baby—our baby—a sweet baby. You let him be a baby. Let him just be our baby.”

“Yes, of course, my lady, he’s ours… for now. But there will come a day, when you must let him go, and I must set him on the Path.”

She grimaced, a pouty smirk thing, and began what was sure to be a long-winded objection when both their fathers and Joe’s mom sauntered into the room to see their first grandson.